Discover a delicious recipe for #CAPRICE rice pesto stuffed peppers!


-320 grams of Caprice rice

-4 small peppers or 2 large ones

-1 spoon of oil

Ingredients for the pesto:

-1 bunch of basil

-1 clove of garlic

-50 grams of pine nuts

-8 cl of olive oil

-50 grams of grated parmesan

-salt and pepper


– 1st step: in a pan of hot water, pre-cook the rice al dente (the rice will end up cooking in the oven). Drain it at the end of cooking

-2nd step: place the basil leaves, the garlic, the pine nuts and half the oil in the blender. Mix to obtain a puree, then add the rest of the oil and the grated parmesan. Once everything is mixed, add the pesto to the rice.

-3rd step: preheat the oven to 200°. Wash the peppers and cut off the top of each. Top peppers with pesto rice.

-4th step: place the peppers in an oiled oven dish and cook for 30 minutes.

Bon appétit!